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Recent 3DXChat Updates

June 15, 2013

3DXChat - Prints

Prints have been added.

3DXChat sex game

June 13, 2013

3DXChat - New GUI & Sofa

GUI has been improved: Highlighting objects in the Home editor, amazing character selection, light cursor icons. New sofa has been added. Some bugs & crashes have been fixed. Nickname rendering has been improved.

3DXChat sex game

June 1, 2013

3DXChat - New bed

New bed has been added.

3DXChat sex game

May 30, 2013

3DXChat - New shorts

New mens shorts have been added.

3DXChat sex game

May 29, 2013

3DXChat - Multiple private chat

Multiple Private Chat system has been improved. Minor bugs fixed.

May 24, 2013

3DXChat - New personal apartment

New personal apartment has been added. New objects have been added: bed & TV set. Interactions with partner (dancing & kissing) and with objects (sit on sofa, etc.) at home have been added. More improvements coming soon. Have a nice day!

3DXChat sex game