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Recent 3DXChat Updates

December 3, 2014

Updated Love Island Location

Updated Love Island! Fixes: butt size option.

3DXChat sex game

November 27, 2014

3DXChat Birthday Party!

On the 6th of December 2014 3DXChat will be celebrating its 2nd Birthday. Isn't that amazing? And of course we have a very special present for you. Just come and join us at the Love Island to find out what it is ;)

3DXChat sex game

November 11, 2014

3DXChat Sex Update

New sex pose has been added.

3DXChat sex game

November 5, 2014

3DXChat Updates

New hairstyle has been added. New face parameters and skin colors have been added. Personal Stream Feature - to use your own stream links at your personal apartments!

3DXChat sex game

October 31, 2014

3DXChat Halloween Party

Boo! Are you ready for Halloween Bash on 3DXChat? Join us if you dare. Happy Halloween! :)

3DXChat sex game

October 30, 2014

3DXChat Fashion Update

Witch hats have been added. Climb the tables (& bars) ability added.

3DXChat sex game